Saturday, February 28, 2009

Finally Visited Myrtle Beach

Although we have been here for almost a month, Paul had not yet seen Myrtle Beach. I had been there several years ago in April for 10 days with my sister and brother-in-law.

Since it was a nice day we thought we would check out more of the area. We drove along the main street of Myrtle Beach on our way to Apache Pier. Paul was not impressed with Myrtle Beach as it was mostly high rises, tourist shops and attraction parks. The area of Garden City and Surfside Beach where we are staying is more residential with mostly low rise complexes and beach houses which makes the area more tranquil and homey. We both agreed that we like where we are staying much better.

We stopped at a public beach parking area and took a walk on Myrtle Beach.

We then drove on to Apache Pier, the east coast's longest pier. There were several fishermen trying to catch a little supper but not having much luck. There were great views of Myrtle Beach and its high rises from the far end of the pier. There are 60 miles of beach.

Of course I had to take time to check out the treasures on the beach. There were so many shells. It was amazing.

We then moved on from the Pier to Broadway at the Beach which is a new shopping area opened in the Myrtle Beach area. As this time of year is not the tourist season here, it was rather quiet there and some of the shops and attractions were not open. We enjoyed a walk around and popped into a few little shops. We both loved this piece of stain glass but the price tag was a little high. Maybe it will be there next year.

We had another great day together and headed home to start our packing up for our move to a new condo on 1 March.


  1. I checked out the Broadway at the Beach link - it looks like Disney World! Fun for a visit, I guess but where you are sounds much more tranquil.

  2. I'm craving some warmth and sun....Reading your blog will have to do for now I guess. Those beaches are amazing.