Thursday, July 26, 2012

Tashia's Last Day of her Visit

Tashia and Paul on our front deck
Her last morning with us in New Brunswick
Tashia and I were smiling for the photo,
but, we were both sad that her visit with us was over for this year
Paul and Tashia at Moncton Airport
Until next time...

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tashia's Visit

Tashia brought her catch glove so she and Dad could play catch.
Some things never change...

We went over to the cottage on Beresford Beach
to enjoy a family campfire.
Paul, Tashia and I at the cottage
LtoR:  Jeannine, Gordie, Tashia and Paul around the fire
It was a nice family evening.

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Monday, July 23, 2012

Downshore Hunting Seaglass with Tashia

One of our favourite places to be
Tashia and Paul discussing a seaglass find
Tashia was walking the high tide line looking for treasures
Paul may have found something!
My two favourite beachcombers
Someone had a bonfire set up on the high tide line
It's a weekend thing to do here in this area
Dad and his little girl on the beach
They are still looking for treasures
Tashia has a find!  It was a nice blue one with lettering.
They just can't seem to get enough. 
I understand though as it is such a fun thing to do
As we would say in Newfoundland, it was a large day.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Another Outing with Tashia

Hospitality Days in Bathurst started on Wednesday so Tashia, Paul and I went downtown to hear a little of the Maritime Night music (The Navigators, a Newfoundland band was playing).  We sat across the street near the tent to listen and had a great view (no chairs are allowed in the tent and we can't stand for too long).
Two happy people.
It was a nice evening.
Evening sky over Bathurst.
Paul and I
Beach wood on the shoreline
Evening sky over the bay

Tashia's Visit Continues

Tashia and her Dad took a stroll on Beresford Beach

Tashia enjoying Beresford Beach Boardwalk
La Croix family outing to local fish farm in Petit-Rocher
Uncle Gordie giving Tashia some fishing tips
Tashia with her first big catch of the day!
Uncle Gordie to the rescue! 
He was removing the trout from Tashia's hook...
LtoR: Tashia, Aunt Jeannine, Aunt Gloria, Uncle Charlie
Gloria with her catch of the day and, again, Gordie to the rescue!
Tashia and her cousin Jamie
I hope that splash is NOT from a fish on Tashia's hook.
I think it may be a fountain.
Tashia, her fish, and Uncle Gordie posing for a photo for Aunt Jeannine.
A proud fisher woman who provided two fish for the family fish fry that evening.  It was a great meal that Jeannine and Gordie cooked up.  Thanks you.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tashia's Visit


Tashia arrived last week from British Columbia for a two-week visit. Paul and I drove to Moncton to meet her flight. After an overnight stay we headed for Beresford. Our first stop was The Rodd Hotel in Miramichi for lunch on their deck.  It is a beautiful spot on the Miramichi River, well known as one of the best salmon rivers in Canada.

LtoR: Me, Tashia, Paul and Gloria (Paul's sister)
on the deck at The Rodd Hotel

Miramichi Bridge

Last Saturday Paul and I hosted a La Croix family gathering at our house.  It was to welcome Tashia home to Bathurst, welcome Gloria back home for her vacation week and to celebrate the birthday of Carmella (Paul's sister).  It was a great gathering with lots of family memories.

Chef Paul
LtoR: Patrick (Paul's nephew), Edmond (Paul's Brother), Jackie (our sister-in-law), Gloria (Paul's sister) and Tashia (Dad's little girl)

LtoR: Carmella (Paul's sister) and birthday girl, Charlie (our brother-in-law) and Anne Marie (Paul's sister)
LtoR: Tashia, Yvette (Paul's sister) and Laura (Paul's niece)
Tashia and I enjoying our barbecue
After their meal everyone decided to enjoy the sun down on the lawn
LtoR: Tashia, Edmond, Melissa (Paul's niece), Charlie, Gloria,
Gordie (our brother-in-law) and Jeannine (Paul's sister)
Family enjoy sharing memories
At most La Croix family gatherings the siblings (7) post for a photo
Carmella, the birthday girl, cutting her birthday cake.
Paul happy to have Tashia at home for a visit (me too).