Sunday, February 24, 2013

Friday, February 22, 2013

Birthday Celebrations

February 17 was Paul's birthday, and we celebrated again this year at Surfside Beach.  His day started a little cooler than expected with a dusting of snow!  Yes, here is our condo window in our hallway.
Created by the west wind and lasting flurries
The start of his birthday on the deck with his newspaper
Next, a little beachcombing looking for sharks teeth
We enjoyed a great meal at the Rioz Brazilian Steakhouse with friends -
an once-a-year experience as there is so much food to try
(LtoR: Maddy, Don, Irm, Me, Paul and Bill)
A birthday treat compliments of Rioz
The Birthday guy's tummy was too full to eat more than the words
"Happy Birthday" so we took his treat home
More cake
We served Birthday cake and coffee at our condo for friends
(only one candle on Paul's cake as we did not want to start a fire
with the other 60!)


Monday, February 18, 2013

Shells & Seaglass from New Brunswick

Paul and I are members of the Grand Strand Shell Club here in Myrtle Beach.  Each year in February, the Club holds an auction to raise money for the Club and the members bring along items to auction off among themselves.  We decided to bring some shells and seaglass from our area of New Brunswick.  I wasn't sure if anyone would be interested in bidding on these items but I took a chance.  Well, surprising to us, the three baskets of shells and the four small bottles of seaglass raised more than $25. 

Not that Paul and I need an excuse to go beachcombing, but we will now have to go looking for more treasures to bring along for next year.

Paul helped out with the auction procedures this year

Come on folks, do I hear a higher bid?
Paul and I have been "snowbird" members of the Grand Strand Shell Club for four years now, and we have enjoyed the shell trips.  It's a great way to get to know the area and meet the local people.


Saturday, February 16, 2013

South Strand Chapter of AAAA

Last week Paul and I attended our second Monthly Meeting of the South Strand Chapter of American Antique Arts Association here in Surfside Beach, S.C. and became "snowbird" members.  We thought it would be an interesting way to learn more of the history of the area, and the United States in general.

The meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month in the Meeting Room of the Tupelo Bay Golf Club.


The speaker this month was our friend, Don Cate.  His presentation was on the Evolution of Pottery South of the Mason/Dixon Line.  Don is a member of the Southern Pottery Collector's Society and he has been collecting southern pottery for over 30 years.  He discussed the origins of pottery in the South, starting with Edgefield, SC and tracing its development from functional to decorative and collectible.  He covered activity and potters in South and North Carolina, as well as Virginia and Alabama.
Items that Don brought from his collection
Don and his collection
A couple of pieces that I liked
This item is used to determine the kiln temperature.
The pieces melt as the kiln heat increases
Paul's favourite piece
Members admiring the pottery on display
A view of the practice green from the Meeting Room
I captured this interesting "golfer" on the green!
It is a White Ibis

Paul and I found the presentation on the pottery most interesting. We certainly learned some history of many of the potters, their movement through the country and identification markings of their work.
It is always nice to learn about new things.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Sunday, February 10, 2013

February Teas at Brookgreen Gardens

On Saturday, Paul and I enjoyed the afternoon at Brookgreen Gardens.  We decided to treat ourselves to their February Winter Tea at their Pavilion Restaurant.  While waiting for our 4 p.m. reservation, we spent a little time strolling in the gardens.

We enjoyed time watching some Eastern Bluebirds.  This is a bird that we do not see very often here in the south and is not found in our area of Canada.  They are such a pretty bird with its vibrant blue colour.


It's now tea time.  Paul and I had not attended this afternoon tea previously so we did not really know what to expect.  It was a very pleasant time.

My nice pot of English Breakfast tea.
Paul's pot has coffee.  He is not a tea drinker.
Our first tray of goodies has been served.
Savory Sandwiches:
Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese, Blue Cheese Chicken Salad,
Green Tomato & Roasted Red Pepper, Pineapple Cream Cheese Wheel
My pretty tea cup
Traditional Scones & Southern Butter Biscuits,
served with Jams, Honey Butter (R) & Lemon Curd(L)
Sweet Delights: French Macaroons; Petite Fours;
Mini Lemon Pound Cake, Fruit Skewers & Strawberries
Yes, all these treats were served at a table for two; and no, we did not manage to eat it all.  We were very happy to have been provided with a take-out tray for most of the scones and sweets.
Here are the leftovers for home.
When I asked the question if we would return again for a February Winter Tea, the answer was, yes.  It was a very pleasant afternoon and we met some nice people.
We never tire of Brookgreen Gardens.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

A Special Evening

On 7 February 2003, Paul and I met for the first time.  That was 10 years ago this week.

On 7 February 2013, our friends John and Jackie treated us to a lovely evening at Lil Tokyo Steakhouse & Sushi Bar Hibachi Restaurant here in Myrtle Beach. 

It was very nice to share this evening with friends, over a good meal and drinks.

Paul & I enjoying a little Sake.
(Thanks for sharing Jackie.)
John, Jackie, Me and Paul sitting around the Hibachi Table after our meal
This was the first time that Paul and I visited this restaurant and we would be happy to return.  Thanks again to John and Jackie for their kind invitation.

On the Beach



Thursday, February 7, 2013

Another Nice Meal

The Fowler Dining Room is always a nice dining experience.

Pate Maison
Brown Lentil & Pasta Soup
Three Bean Salad
Pork Tenderloin with Apple Salsa & Vegetables
Teriyaki Cornish Hen with Asian Vegetables & Sticky Rice
Strawberry Shortcake with Cream