Friday, February 6, 2009

The Market Common, Myrtle Beach

Since it was rather cool and windy yesterday we decided to check out some of the outlet shopping so we went to The Market Common in the Myrtle Beach area. It is a new shopping area and a little more upscale than the Tanger Outlets we visited the day before.

After browsing in the book store, Paul and I decided to take a walk along the lake and got chased by an angry bird. I took a little rest in one of the many rocking chairs found on the sidewalks throughout the complex.


  1. Man am I jealous! I'm driving a bus which was fumigated today because the schools in Russell all have a flu epidemic. They brought in the hazmat team to clean up the schools and the buses had to be disinfected as well. The first student back on my bus afterwards was contaminiated. He checked out of school early because he was sick! Aren't you glad you're in SC away from all this nonsense?

    The good news here is the buses are now back on 70% capacity which must be mayhem. Glad I don't take the bus in Ottawa. But it's all free for a couple of months and the City is losing millions. Imagine what their taxes will be like next year! Glad you're gone?