Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Today in our Yard

Although Spring has not quite appeared here in Beresford, New Brunswick, other than on the calendar, we are busy trying to work outside in spite of the cool winds.

Here are a couple of photos taken today in our yard.

Common Redpolls at our Niger feeders, for the second day
The ground was also covered with the Redpolls.
They are filling up for their long flight.
A couple of Robins in search of worms from my flower gardens.
They have a nest in our Willow trees near the marsh at the back of the yard.
Now here is an industrious fellow, busy raking his property.
There is a lot more to do...
Finally, my first Spring bloom for this year.
I will hopefully see a few more later in the week.


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Shell Crafts - Grand Strand Shell Club

At the March meeting of the Grand Strand Shell Club, one of our very crafty members brought along some of her craft items that she made for us to see.  She also gave a talk on Sailor's Valentine and later gave a craft lesson in how to make shell flowers and butterflies.
Here is a sample of some of the flowers and butterflies that Sue Ann made.
Her display gave us ideas of what to do with the flowers we made.  She had various size boxes and picture frames.
My friend Irm, who is an expert in making shell crafts, is helping me with my shell flowers.
I did manage to make two flowers and a couple of butterflies.  I think I need a little more practice  and I will keep at it.  My flower has the little red centre.
No, I did not make this wonder tabletop.  The is a sample of the shell crafting that my friend Irm produces.  I am very fortunate to own two pieces of Irm's work - a shell box and an awesome shell wreath.  To own one of her tables would be PRICELESS to me.
Paul and I always look forward to being part of the Grand Strand Shell Club when we are in Surfside Beach during the winter months.  We have met some very nice people.

Happy Hours

Today was the first day for awhile that we did not have a
"happy hour" at 4 pm. Our "happy hour" friends have left for this year
so Paul and I are on our own for this week.

We will still have a "happy hour" of course but it will not be the same
without John, Jackie, Cal and Cathy.
Until next year...