Sunday, February 22, 2009

We Are Now Two

Since we arrived here in Garden City Beach, we have been taking turns cooking dinners at each others condo to lessen the work for us. We then treated ourselves to a meal out in a local restaurant for the third day.

Friday night (20 Feb) was the last evening that we cooked together. It was our turn to cook but this time we decided to do the cooking at Ro and Neil's condo as they were more lucky than us and had pots in their unit big enough to cook a meal for more than 2 people. It's a long story but we have been trying to get more cooking utensils from the management company since we arrived but with no luck so we are moving to another rental on 1 March.

I cooked a shrimp stir fry and we had a toast to future trips to South Carolina.

As Saturday (21 Feb) was our last day together before my sister and brother-in-law started their journey home to Brockville, we decided to take a walk on the beach here in Garden City and to revisit the boardwalk on the marsh at the Crazy Sister Marina at Murrells Inlet. It was a nice afternoon.

We decided to treat ourselves to dinner out so we went to a place in Murrells Inlet called Drunken Jacks. We sat at a window table that looked out onto the marsh where we could see the boats and watch the seagulls and pelicans.

One of the great foods that we love here are hushpuppies. They are a southern American food consisting of small cornmeal breads that are deep fried or baked in the spherical, oblong or ring shape. Most of the local restaurant will serve a basket or two of them with your meal along with honey butter. Yes, we know that they are not at all healthy but once you try one, you are hooked. Ask Paul.....

We had a great three weeks together at Garden City and talked of spending a month together here again next year.

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