Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sights of Newfoundland

The first day of our visit to Newfoundland. It's nice to be home...

Sunrise this morning over the ocean at Port aux Basques.

Lighthouse at Port aux Basques

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Ode to Newfoundland

Words by Sir Cavendish Boyle (1849-1916)
Music by Sir Hubert Parry (1848-1918)

When Sunrays crown thy pine clad hills
And Summer spreads her hand
When silvern voices tune thy rills
We love thee, smiling land
We love thee, we love thee
We love thee, smiling land.

When spreads thy cloak of shimm'ring white
At Winter's stern command
Thro' shortened day and starlit night
We love thee, frozen land
We love, thee, we love thee,
We love thee, frozen land.

When blinding storm gusts fret thy shore
And wild waves lash thy strand
Thro' spindrift swirl and tempest road
We love thee, wind-swept land
We love thee, we love thee
We love thee, wind-swept land.

As loved our fathers, so we love
Where once they stood we stand
Their prayer we raise to heav'n above
God guard thee, Newfoundland
God guard thee, God guard thee
God guard thee, Newfoundland.

Saturday, August 28, 2010


A day at the beach looking for treasures is a day well spent, to some of us.

Our first treasure seeker looks to be covering a very small territory, or is he resting? There is a lot of beach to cover...

Another seeker is a fast walker and way ahead of the group.

Now here are two serious beachcombers and it looks as though he has made a discovery. I wonder what color seaglass, maybe amber?

This seeker, which just happens to be me, is looking for red seaglass as I found one here in the spring. If there is one, surely there must be another.

Ah, here comes the cute guy with the chairs. It must be snack time. A picnic on the beach is always a good thing.

See all those smiles. That is what a day on the beach will do for you.

Beachcombing is a wonderfully mindless experience - total relaxation.

It's a simple life and it's our life.

Garden Envy

Every time I go to visit my friend and see her flower garden, I have "garden envy". This is one of my favourite places to spend time.

A garden by the ocean,
what more could a person want.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Windy Day at the Beach

Yesterday I could see the white caps on the ocean from my kitchen window so I took my camera and went down to the beach to take a few photos.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Red Fridays

Red Friday is a way to raise awareness of supporting our Canadian Troops in order to show a non-partisan Canadian Citizen support of our men and women serving our country.

Last Friday the Moncton Military Family Resource Centre held a barbecue fundraising event in Bathurst and we went along. It was a nice day to be in the park enjoying hamburgers, hotdogs and friendship. There was a lot of red in sight.

Monday, August 16, 2010

A Beach Day

We made another trip to the beach this week, looking for treasures and to have a picnic.

We located this Inukshuk made from rocks and what looks like a piece of a boat that washed up on the beach. An Inukshuk is said to mark a place of respect.

We searched the rocks along the beach and had a number of good finds.

Paul found this interesting piece of very rare red/orange shaded seaglass, as well as a number of blue pieces.

I also found a number of pieces of blue seaglass as well as a rare piece of black, which is a shade of olive when held up to the light.

Our friends often wonder what we do with all our finds. Well, we keep the rare and interesting pieces in a dory-shaped dish on our sofa table, and we have a set of glass table lamps in our living room. One displays sea shells and the other displays seaglass.

For us, it's not what we do with our seaglass, but the fun of spending the day together at the beach, looking for it.

It's our simple life.