Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Blue Jays in our Yard

When we were travelling in Nova Scotia last month I bought this peanut feeder hoping to attract Blue Jays to our yard.  Well, for the first month the Downy Woodpeckers were enjoying it.

Finally this week the Blue Jays have been coming into our yard.
And this morning I finally saw a Blue Jay eating the peanuts from the feeder.
I was so pleased - my new purchase was a success.

The Blue Jay is one of our favorite birds.  We love the brilliant colors.


Sunday, September 9, 2012

Smuggler's Cove, Nova Scotia

Smuggler’s Cove Provincial Park located in Meteghan (Highway 1, Evangeline Trail) in the Yarmouth and Acadian Shores region is a picturesque picnic park with tables in an open field overlooking a small cove and cave. Smuggler’s Cove is so named as it was a prime location for the smuggling of liquor during prohibition in the 1920s. The cove fills with ocean water during high tide and becomes inaccessible but can be reached during low tide. Visitors may proceed down the 80 steps to the ocean floor during low tide. Interpretive panels on site explain the history of the area. A path to the viewing platforms and guided walks are available.

Rum-running Story

Down we go...
Late afternoon light for a beautiful view
The cave



Saturday, September 8, 2012

More Seaglass

Paul and I made two trips downshore this week to do a little beachcombing and here are my treasures for both day.   
Some of my special treasures.
A piece of mauve (top left), a couple of pieces of pottery and blues,
to name a few.
Several pieces of pottery, a couple pieces of citron and white milk glass. 
I had many nice rounded white pieces which are my favourite ones.

An afternoon strolling the beach is our favourite thing to do - waves, wind, sand, rocky cliffs and seaglass.