Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Beresford Beach on a Windy Day

This past Sunday we had a couple of hours of very high winds and we could see the whitecaps out on the ocean from our kitchen. It always amazes me how quickly the ocean can change and how each day it can be so different.

I made a quick trip to the corner store for an item and on the way home I just had to make a detour to the beach. It was actually too windy to get out of the car so I sat there enjoying the view. I could feel my car rocking with the wind.

It was awesome...

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Week Gone By...

This past week was filled mostly with appointments (medical, dental, physio, etc), so by Saturday Paul and I thought we earned a leisurely walk on the beach which we find good for the soul - and everything else!

It was a warm day and very little wind so the ocean was rather calm. We strolled along and collected some treasures though they were rather small ones this time. Paul did find a blue mermaid tear.

Paul's nephew and family have been visiting from Ontario for the past two weeks and Saturday was their last day. They own a cottage on Beresford Beach so we stopped at the cottage on our walk to visit and say goodbye to them.

Paul's great nephew Jude, who just turned 2, was quite entertaining. He is such a little cutie. He was interested in playing with my walking stick which was a piece of drift wood that I picked up on the beach during my walk. Then he noticed that great uncle Paul had a much nicer walking stick, which he bought in the Dominion, so Jude decided to play with this stick instead. It was everything from a golf club to a wooden horse to him. Children have such great imaginations.

It was so nice to walk the beach again. I didn't realise how much I missed it. Low tide is 3:12 today so I will be back on the beach again then.......

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Scenic Route to New Brunswick/Quebec Border

This past Friday Paul and I thought it was time for another day trip so we decided to head north along the scenic route (134) to Campbellton, which is on the New Brunswick/Quebec border. It is such a nice drive, mostly along the ocean with lots of farm houses, beautiful landscape and lots of flower gardens to admire.

We were only driving for a short while when we made our first detour. We stopped at Toutes Saisons Bed & Breakfast , in Pointe-Verte. Some time ago we met the owners, Phil & Barbara Thibodeau, at the Bathust Saturday Market and they invited us to drop by and see their B&B. It is a beautiful log home located on the Bay of Chaleur.

Barbara gave us a tour of the lovely rooms which have balconies over looking the ocean as you can see from the photo below of the back of the B&B. We could just imagine watching the sun set from these balconies.

You are also able to walk along the beach in either direction for some time. We didn't have the time to enjoy this feature but we will return. What a relaxing place to be. Barbara also told us that we are able to make a reserve to have dinner there so we plan to take family there when they visit us in September.

As Paul and I were driving back to the main highway we noticed this house with its very colourful garden so we just have to stop for a better look. I have garden envy once again, which seems to be happening more and more lately.

We drove on and our next stop was at the beach at Eel River. The trussell bridge reminded me of the ones I use to swim under, as a child in Newfoundland.

Paul and I did make a stop at Tim Hortons in Dalhousie for a snack but we did not capture this moment on film.

As you drive into Campbellton, you can see Sugarloaf Mountain in the background. We crossed the bridge into the province of Quebec. There is a one-hour time difference when you cross. We stopped at a local supermarket to do a little shopping and most people from northern New Brunswick will know what we were primarily shopping for.

There was a little park and boardwalk near the ocean so we stopped to enjoy. There were some lovely homes along this street with a wonderful view. It was nice looking back over the water at Campbellton.

I thought this was a very nice view of the main street of Campbellton from the Quebec side.

Although Paul suggested we drive back to Beresford on Highway 11, we opted to drive along route 134 once again and it was just as enjoyable on the return trip, although we didn't make any stops as we were anxious to be home and fire up the barbecue.

It was another relaxing day.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


We have been busy this week watching the Hummingbirds at the new feeder we put up on our front deck. They are such an interesting little creature. It is amazing how such a small bird can have so much energy.

We had other interesting visitors at our feeder this week. Two ducks waddled into our back yard. We guess they came from the saltwater marsh which our yard backs onto. You can see them crossing the lawn.

They seem to like the sunflower seeds that drop under the feeder by the other birds.

An evening shot from our back deck out over the saltwater marsh onto the Bay of Chaleur. There is also a municipal park on the beach in this area. You can see the picnic tables in the background.

Pictures by Paul