Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Few Quiet Days

On 1 March Paul and I moved from the Waters Edge Resort where we stayed in February to our new location at Shores of Surfside I which is just north of Garden City at Surfside Beach.

The only rainy day we have experienced since our arrival here in South Carolina was, of course, on moving day but we did manage to get most of our things into our new unit before the heavier rains and thunder storms. The ocean is still awesome, even on a rainy day.

Most of the streets along the beach do not have any form of drainage so the water collects on the streets. When there is oncoming traffic, you are forced to drive through major puddles unless you stop and wait for this traffic to pass. You cannot pull to the side of the street as the streets are too narrow and there really isn't much space to pull off.

We are now on the second floor of our new unit which gives us a much better view of the ocean. There are mostly low rises and beach houses in this area. To give you an idea of the cost of some of the properties in the area, the beach house next to us similar to the one on the right in the picture below is on the market for $1,799,000.00 and suggested as a purchase for a second home.......

At first I was not happy about the hassle of moving to another complex, but I am so happy that Paul suggested it. I now have kitchen cupboards full of pots and pan (long story) but more importantly the view from our bedroom is absolutely awesome. We wake up every morning to the sound of the surf and some mornings we can pillow up and watch the dolphins swimming in the ocean.

It took us most of Sunday to settle into our unit, sorting out the kitchen and unpacking so we decided to take a rest on Monday and just enjoy our time near the beach. Although the temperatures in the area were setting records for cold, we thought we would bundle up and take a walk on the beach, after all we Canadians are use to braving the cold. That idea didn't last long as it was bitter cold with the wind so we headed back inside. The beach was deserted.

Tuesday proved to be another extremely cold day breaking records set back in the 1800's. Mind you the actual temperatures were in the low 20's F and Paul and I would kind of chuckle when listening to the Weather Channel. They were telling people to leave their taps dripping and bundle up the children when they set out for school.

What better thing to do on a cold day then to go shopping. We set out for North Myrtle Beach to check out a couple of shops and enjoy the drive to this area. Again we were happy that we chose to stay in the Garden City/Surfside Beach area. It is such a quiet area.

Today we were happy to be able to enjoy our balcony once again and have our breakfast outside, still wearing our jackets, but not our ski jackets as earlier in the week. Breakfast was French toast in case you are wondering and if I do say so, being the cook, it was quite good.

Paul and I feel that life cannot get much better and we appreciate every day being here. We hope to share this with family and friends next year.


  1. I like all these shots but my favorite is the first one - it's so moody and turbulent. Looks like your new place is great.

  2. Hi Marilyn, love your blog... tell Paul his side profile in this photo , he resembles Armand.