Monday, August 31, 2009

Third Day of Exploring with Bunty

Although rain was forecast, we decided to set out for another day of exploring and we stopped at Pokeshaw. As you can see, we did get showers as I am beachcombing under my umbrella.

As did our friend Caroline, Bunty make the walk across the brook out to the rocks. There is a large population of Cormorant birds living on the top of the rocks. I recently heard the reason for all the dead trees there was because of a lightening strike.

We made our next stop at Grande-Anse where we saw this great beach.

After our visit to the local cheese shop for a supply of fresh cheese curds, we enjoyed an afternoon tea and dessert at the Tea Room in Caraquet. The desserts and fresh baked breads here are definitely worth a trip.

We enjoyed an afternoon walk on the boardwalk on the ocean and found an interesting lighthouse at the other end of the trail. Although we were dressed for the possibility of wet weather, the rain stayed away for the afternoon.
Bunty and I enjoyed a little rest at a picnic site and watched the ocean.

On our drive back along the coastal route we stopped for a few minutes that this interesting souvenir shop. As you can see, the Acadian colors (red, white, blue and yellow) are proudly displayed.

Another interesting display of the Acadian colours was found along our route on this house.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Bunty's Visit Continues

Paul and I try to start each day with a 40-minute walk along Beresford Beach trail and Boardwalk. We asked Bunty if she would like to join us and with camera in hand, we all set out. After walking part of the trail, Bunty decided that she would like to explore more of the beach area so she set off on her own.

Bunty saw this newly built house located on the beach, which has been vacant for about two years. We suggested that she might be very happy living here so close to the ocean and it would be nice to have friends close by. We are not sure if her husband will agree. I think it is sad that no one has yet enjoyed this lovely house.

After we returned home from our walk, I packed a picnic lunch then Bunty and I set out for a day of exploring. We drove along the coastal scenic route, stopping here to enjoy the coastline. It was a windy day so the waves were lapping the shoreline. Awesome.

As I knew the beach near Carey's Chalets in Janeville was quite nice for walking, we decided to stop there for our picnic. We sat near the wall in the lun of the wind eating our sandwiches and totally enjoying the ocean. It was so peaceful and good for the soul. It was nice sharing this moment with a friend.

We took a long stroll on the beach enjoying a chat and listening to the waves. Of course I had to do a little beachcombing and happily tucked away the mermaid tears I found in my little purse. There is nothing I like to do better than sit on a log on the beach and enjoy the moment. Everyone should do this.

If you have been following my blog, you will know that one of my favourite places this year to visit has been Tomi Carey's flower gardens near her chalets. I just love sharing this place, and Tomi is not surprised anymore to find me in her garden.

Along with running the Chalet, Tomi is also an artist and has a little gallery in her office/home. Tomi invited Bunty inside to see her work. Here is Tomi displaying a couple of household chairs that she had hand painted - one with a frog and the other with a sunflower. There is a third one with a large pansy flower.

Here is Bunty, who is now the owner of these original pieces of artwork, that are now proudly displayed in her kitchen in St. Albert. I am considering the purchase of the third chair to put in my craftroom in our house. Once again, it was an interesting visit and I told Tomi that I would return in a week or so with yet another friend, to see her gardens.

In the evening, I drove Bunty to Petit Rocher to the wharf area. It was another beautiful summer evening. We climbed over the rocks of the shoreline then took a walk out on the wharf.

Some of the local fishermen were there casting their lines into the water hoping for a fish. Actually I think there were more fish stories than fish, as all we saw was one tiny fish in a very large bucket.

Bunty and I were very fortunate to enjoy another awesome sunset while in Petit Roche.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Visit from our Ontario Friend

On 18 August, our friend Bunty living in St. Albert, Ontario, came to visit with us. It was Bunty's first visit to Northern New Brunswick.

Bunty's first evening with us was a relaxing one so she could rest from your long drive. It was a warm summer evening so we sat out on the back deck enjoying the view of the Bay of Chaleur while chatting and watching the Hummingbirds at our feeder. Paul also gave Bunty a short driving tour of downtown Bathurst and area.

The next day Bunty came to a girls luncheon at the Atlantic Host with me and met a couple of the members of our New Comers Group. It was a pleasant afternoon. In the evening we decided to take a walk on Beresford Beach.

People were having bonfires on the beach. It always amazes me the size of the bonfires on our beach. I am use to a small fire that you can sit by and roast a marshmallow, but not here!

We saw this collection of ornaments near the doorstep of a cottage. My favourite is always the seagull wearing the yellow short longrubbers.

During our walk on the beach, Paul was lucky to find a blue mermaid tear (seaglass).
We also got to experience an awesome sunset over the lagoon at Beresford Boardwalk.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

My Evening Stroll

I took a stroll this evening along Beresford beach and the boardwalk. The waves were lapping on the shore, the sun was setting over the lagoon and the cool air was refreshing.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Our British Columbia Friends

This past weekend we had a visit from Caroline and Rene who were touring about the Maritime provinces for three weeks. They spent a couple of nights with us at the end of their holiday. They are long-time friends of Paul from his Chilliwack BC posting days and are now my new friends.

On their first evening we gave them a quick drive about the City of Bathurst to show them a little of our area. The next day after a hearty breakfast at the Atlantic Host Hotel, we set out to show them a little more of the area and took the scenic drive along the coast to Caraquet. We stopped to enjoy the gardens at Carey's Beach Chalets again. The gardens were so bursting with flowers that you can hardly see Caroline and me. I always have garden envy there and yes, I will return again and again and there will be more photos in my blog.

Caroline is an ocean lover, like us, so we took a walk on the beach at Carey's Chalets and we introduced beachcombing/treasure hunting to Rene and Caroline. Standard pose is head down and stroll. Rene not only found one piece of blue seaglass, but two in one day, which is quite rare. The odds of finding blue seaglass is one in 500. Lucky guy...

Caroline stood in the middle of the busy highway to take this photo but no harm came to her.

We stopped at Pokeshaw Park in New Bandon and since it was low tide, Caroline wanted to walk out to the bird rock. There was a little brook to cross and she was the only one of us daring enough to walk the log to get there. We didn't want to risk wet feet for the rest of our journey.

This is a photo taken on our return trip when the tides were high. It was quite interesting to see how high the tide came in on the shore.

This year the northeast coast (the Acadian Peninsula) of New Brunwick is hosting the World Acadian Congress until 23 August. The Congress was formed in 1994 and held its first gathering among 9 municipalities in southeast New Brunswick. It has been held every 5 years since, with gatherings in Louisiana in 1999, and across the entire province of Nova Scotia in 2004. The Acadian colours are red, white, blue with a yellow star and as you drive through the communities there are a wide variety of decorations to be found. At the entrance to Grande-Anse there is a colourful boat, as well as a lighthouse, which is an Information Centre.

This decorated house can be found as you drive into the town of Caraquet. There are many flags flying, streamers decorating the streets and houses, etc. It is all quite festive.

Even the fishing boats in the harbour are showing signs of celebration.

It was quite a colourful drive and it ended with a nice dinner at our favourite restaurant, before returning home.

The last day of the visit of our friends was more relaxing and ended with a swim in the Bay of Chaleur at Beresford Beach, at least for Caroline and me. It was hard to believe that the water could be so warm. Rene and Paul opted to stay on shore.

Our friends have now returned to Chilliwack BC but we hope our next time together will not be long in coming.