Thursday, January 10, 2013

Antiques Club Meeting

Earlier this week Paul and I were guests of our SC friends at the Monthly Meeting of the Myrtle Beach Antiques Club.  We found it interesting and a learning experience with presentations on the history of the shot glass and Hall teapots.
The meetings are held at the Tupelo Golf Club meeting room.

View of the greens from the meeting room
Presentation on Hall Teapots collected by a member of the Club
The collection of teapots that were displayed
Four of my favourites from the display.
The wine coloured teapot to the right, is called the Bird Cage.
Aladdin Lamp Teapot
These teapots are collector items and
average in price from $25 to $1,500.

My Mom and sister would have found this presentation very interesting as they both love chinaware and kitchen items very much.

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  1. Wow, those Teapots are some nice! <3