Monday, January 28, 2013

Another Visit to the Culinary Arts School

Yes, Paul and I were back for another nice meal, prepared by the Culinary Arts Class, at the Fowler Dining Room.

A smile, in anticipation of a nice meal.
Ice Tea for me, of course
First course: Shrimp Crumple
(stuffed with Apple & Pear, served with a Tomato Mayo Sauce)
Second Course: Goulash Soup
(Too much bacon in the soup for me)
Third Course:  Panzanella Salad with Vinaigrette Dressing
Main Course 1: Pulled Pork Napoleon on Corn Bread
with Sweet Potato Souffle, Red Cabbage and Roasted Corn
Main Course 2: Seafarer Beggar's Bundle
(stuffed with Scallops & Tilapia with Curry Sauce)
with Sweet Potato Souffle and Roasted Corn
Dessert 1: Chocolate Chip Biscuits
topped with Chocolate Sauce and Cream
Dessert 1:  Triple Chocolate Brownies with Cream

Paul and I shared the desserts but we were unable to share
the main courses this week, as I am sensitive to scallops.
(Again this visit, Paul had the more tasty of the main courses.)
We had the opportunity of being served by one of the Class Chefs.
And yes, we were fortunate enough to get another reservation in early February, with our friends John and Jackie.  That meal will be somewhat of a surprise for us as the two main courses are yet to be determined.  They are open and will be decided by the students of the class and then they will be graded on their choices and preparation.  We all have our fingers crossed that the students will make excellent decisions.

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