Saturday, May 8, 2010

Finally, a New Back Deck

Our deck on the back of our house was very small and crowded with more than two people and a barbecue occupying it, so we decided to have a new one built.

This morning was a little windy but sunny so Paul and I decided to have our morning coffee on our deck for the last time, as the guys were to arrive in the afternoon to dismantle it.

Paul is quite excited about having the new larger deck and barbecue area, and, so am I. But to be honest, I am more excited about my new clothes line and having the current pole, which obstructs our view of the ocean, moved further left in the yard. I just hope that the birds in our trees are cautious when I have my laundry out!

For now we will have to enjoy the view of the Bay of Chaleur through our kitchen door, but it won't be long before we are back having our morning coffee on our deck - with privacy walls, too.

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