Saturday, May 29, 2010

Birthday Celebrations

The childhood memory that I remember most is the birthday parties that my Mom would give me. Here is the table that Mom set for my friends for my 6th birthday. My Mom made the house cake and there were sandwiches, purity syrup (a Newfoundland tradition), cupcakes with candles, lady finger cookies with my friend's name written in icing, jello squares and many more delicious home-made treats.

Some of my friends that were invited to my party. I guess I must have taken the photo as I am no where to be seen. (I was fortunate this past winter to meet up with one of these friends after 45 years - that was very special for me.)

I was born in 1955, turned 55 yesterday (28 May) and I still like to celebrate my birthday with some kind of party. Paul helped make my birthday a very pleasant day.

After I opened my birthday cards from family and friends, Paul made coffee and we headed out on our back deck to enjoy a peaceful morning. We sat on the lower deck listening to the songs of the birds (finches, red-wing black birds, Northern Flicker, sparrows) while at our feeders and watching the lobster fishing boats on the bay.

This year, after much thought, I decided to treat myself to a very special birthday present, a Columbian emerald and diamond bracelet. My family gave me my Columbian emerald and diamond ring as a retirement present two years ago and I have always wanted an emerald bracelet. The emerald stone is my birthstone and I also retired in May so this jewellery has a special sentiment for me. I have now completed my jewellery collection and made a promise to myself that I will not purchase anything further. I still love to look at all the shiny items in jewellery store windows though!

After enjoying a very peaceful morning on the deck, Paul and I set off for a late breakfast at one of our favorite restaurants. The server, knowing it was my birthday, gave me a complimentary slice of chocolate cake with a sparkler. I must admit it was the first time that I have had eggs and chocolate cake at the same meal. Paul was only too happy to help me eat the cake, especially the icing.

Our plan for the afternoon was to take a walk on Janeville Beach and visit the flower garden at Carey's Chalet, which is what I did last year on my birthday. Johnnie and Tomi Carey are the owners of the Chalets on the beach. Tomi is the most interesting lady, and is an artist, as well as a gardener. I feel very lucky to have met her and to get to share her garden.

Tomi was very kind to share many of her wonderful plants with me this year. What a nice birthday present.

We strolled through her garden and Tomi kept digging up plants for me. I will never remember all the names but I will plant them in my small garden and wait for them to grow. It will be like a surprise garden as I have no idea which plants I put where. My little garden is bursting at the seams at the moment, so I will definitely have to make new larger gardens next year.

I hope to make another visit to Tomi's garden soon, as there were a lot of blooms ready to open. I hope I don't use up my welcome....

So while I was exploring in the garden, Paul went along to the beach for a stroll. What a wonderful way to spend the afternoon!

We rushed home to drop off my plants and then went for drinks and dinner with family and friends at another favourite restaurant. It was a very pleasant evening and yes, there was more cake...

In the seven years that I have known Paul, he has always made my birthday a special day for me. Thank you Cutie.

I hope to share many more birthdays with Paul and my friends.


  1. Wow!!!

    What gorgeous photographs of flowers, beaches, family and friends! Reading of your birthday, Marilyn, the opportunity to celebrate the number 55 not only recognizing a marvelous maturity but the fabulous year '55 that you were born, we wish you a terrific weekend!

    Bonne fete, Marilyn!

    With hugs to you and Paul,

    Caroline and Rene

  2. Happy Birthday!Hope you had a lovely day!!! xo

  3. What a wonderful day! Love the bracelet. Will call you later today.

  4. What a wonderful day you had for your 55th Birthday. It was nice being a small part of it. Love your bracelet.
    Always remember also that your mom must be a special person to decorate a beautiful table and make a lovely cake for your birthday party with your friends when you were younger.
    Paul does a great job to keep up the tradition.
    You both are wonderful people.

  5. What a lovely way to celebrate your 55th ... birthday eggs and cake for breakfast, Janeville Beach, coffee on the new deck, a beautiful bracelet .. and dinner with family and friends and of course your Sweetie. You deserve it. Hope we can have post-celeration when you're down visiting.