Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Conway, South Carolina

We have been spending a few quiet days this past week at the beach as I have been trying to avoid perfumes, dust, etc in public places to see if I can rid myself of my silly cough.

As we were both needing a change of scenery and a nice day was being forecast, Paul and I thought we would do a little more sightseeing.

It is said that when there is a full moon, there is a better chance of finding great treasures on the beach so I was anxious to check out this theory before we set off on our excursion so we took a short walk on the beach. It was sunny when we started out on the beach but the fog rolled in rather quickly which gave the beach an eerie feel but it was rather neat. I think the fog hid all the treasures as I didn't find a thing and came home empty-handed. Oh well, always another day....

After we treated ourselves to breakfast at the Spring House Restaurant, which has become our weekly Wednesday breakfast place, we set off for the town of Conway, which is inland from Surfside Beach and about a 20 minute drive. We took a back road so we could see a little more of the countryside.

Conway has a really nice River Walk along the Waccamaw River that we enjoyed. It was just after noon when we arrived and it was quite warm in the full sun as the temperature was 83F. The moss-covered Cypress trees were very interesting and gave the area a bayou look. A couple of local people told us you can sometimes see gators (alligators) but we didn't see any during our walk.

There were a lot of nice swings along the walk and I think I tried all of them. Paul was more interested in trying the rocking chairs.

It was so nice to see the flowers in bloom.
After we left the River Walk area, we took a little drive around the town of Conway to see the gardens and the old houses. It was a little too warm for me, so we decided not to walk about. We would like to go back another time as there is a rustic restaurant with a nice patio located on the River Walk we would like to try.

Before leaving the area, we stopped at a local garden and feed centre which was quite interesting. The Conway area is farm country so there were a lot of horse and farm items there, including peppermint treats for horses, which made me think of my horsie friend, Mavis.

Another nice day.


  1. Wow,I really like this area, even rocking chairs, right up my temperature also...

  2. The moss covered cypress trees are gorgeous. and looking at those daffodils made me long for the ones I planed last fall in a new bed I made. Unfortunatley thery are still burried under around 5 feet of snow! yikes....

  3. Conway is very close to where I spent many years of my life....Marion, S.C. Next county up is Dillon, then N.C. border. These pictures are very good! I haven't been back there for 11 years now!