Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day - 17 March

Over the past week or so Paul and I were seeing a lot of television and newspaper advertising for St. Patrick's Day parades and events in the local area and we were surprised that this day was such a big celebration in the US.

As we both have such a love for Irish and Celtic music, we thought we would wear our green and set out to look for a little live music and maybe a cool one, or two. Well, that turned out to be easier said, than done.

We read that Broadway at the Beach would have several events there so off we went around noon. It is only a 15/20 minute drive from Surfside. First, we went to the Liberty Brewery. It was rather quiet but they were offering Irish Stew on their menu. We decided to check out the Blarney Stone's Pub next which was more busy but their live music didn't start until late afternoon, not what the ad said, and it also allowed smoking so we decide to head back to Liberty again. Although there wasn't any live Irish music playing there, or even any taped Irish music, we decided to try a bowl of their Irish Stew and it was great. Can't say the same for some of their beer. Paul finally found a beer that he didn't like the taste of but his second choice was much better.

So after our Stew and beer, we still want to hear some Irish music as it Paddy's Day. By now we would have settle for taped or even on the radio! We decided to drive back to Surfside as this is apparently the only area that has smoke-free pubs and restaurants. We stopped at our condo and checked the Internet and called a couple of pubs to see if they were having any celebrations but we didn't find much. We pulled out a couple of our own Celtic CDs, played them on our laptop, did a couple of jigs and Paul had a cool one from our fridge! We were determined to celebrate.......

We then drove up the street to the Conch Restaurant on the beach and had a couple of further beers - green at that.

We never knew that Paddy's Day could be so much work to celebrate. Next year we will be bringing my own decorations, music and having a party right here in our condo.


  1. You got it girl! show them a thing or two, make your own party... lol..
    well your irish stew looks good ? and green beer, wow :)

  2. Well you certainly get credit for working so hard to celebrate. But Green beer? That's just not right!

  3. The green beer was flowing fast in Washington on Monday and they started on Saturday in Syracuse with their parade and everyone drinking green beer on the streets. Bringing your own decorations for next year is a great idea, but I think it would be far more fun to be out with the crowds on St Paddy's day and getting caught up in the moment than celebrating in your condo by yourselves.