Friday, March 20, 2009

Time at the Beach

Some days we just like to relax and when the weather is warmer and not too windy, we take our chairs down to the beach. We walk, read but mostly we watch the waves roll in.


  1. Looks nice especially seeing the flowers !
    It is sunny here today, a bit chilly tho' and the snow is gradually going except the areas where Gerry blew it with the snowblower.
    Last year 14th March we raked the backyard !!!

    We are currently very busy ripping out the main bathroom and readying it for the carpenter.

    Take care and enjoy the weather when you can.

    Brenda & Gerry

  2. Hey Brenda & Gary,

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  3. Too bad you didn't have your folding lounger with you .. I can picture you with your feet up, reading a book and having a cold beer. The lifestyle looks good on you Paul.