Thursday, March 7, 2013

What We Saw at Brookgreen Gardens

Palm Tree at Welcome Centre Area
A Daisy in the Gardens
One of the many sculptures and ponds in the Gardens
Live Oak Allee
Daffodils in Oak Allee
Found in the Children`s Garden
Azaleas in bloom
First sighting of an alligator for us thos year
A turtle keeping the gator company
Star Magnolia
Eastern Towhee
Magnolia Trees near the rice fields
Male Northern Cardinal
A new bloom that I have not seen in the Gardens before
(not sure of the name, but it was like a Fuchsia plant)
Mini Daffodils
Eastern Bluebird
Male Northern Cardinal in the Zoo are
Titmouse and Downy Woodpecker in the Zoo area
Deer at the Zoo area
It`s the first time in all our visits that we have seen the deer at the feeder


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