Saturday, March 2, 2013

Treasures from the Beach

Scallop shells are my favourite to collect, especially the red coloured ones
Even a piece of seaglass today
I was so happy to find this sea urchin as they are a different colour than the ones we find at home. 
Well,  when I got it back to the condo and started to clean out, what I thought was sand inside, I realized that there was a small live crab trapped inside.  Being a lover of the ocean and nature, I decided to bring the crab back to the beach, but fearful that it would fall prey to the shorebirds.  I tried to free it without breaking the urchin, but I had no luck.  After carefully cracking the shell with a pair of kitchen scissors, I put the sea urchin in a plastic bag and set out for the beach.

As soon as I stepped onto the sand, the seagulls swarmed me.  How did they know I was carrying something they might eat?  I had to scare them away and walk quite a ways north down the beach before I could find a small wet spot to free the crab.

As I walked away I saw a seagull walk toward the area where I released the little crab, but I did not look back as I wanted to think that the little crab was safe. 

Mission accomplished...


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