Thursday, August 9, 2012

Last Day of Exploring with our Friends

This past Sunday was the last day of exploring together, in the Bathurst area, with our US friends.  Paul and I invited Irm, Don, Helen and Bill to join us for breakfast on our back deck.  It was a nice sunny morning and we were happy that the smell of the skunk that passed through our yard earlier in the morning had dissipated.  

Bill, Don, Paul and Helen enjoying local smoked salmon bagels
and some local raspberry jam.

After breakfast we went to Beresford Beach
Bill and Paul beachcombing
Helen strolling along the high tide line.

We next drove along Youghall Beach to the Bathurst Marina area.
Some of the boats at the Marina
Don hoping to find some pottery shards
Paul sharing his finds with Irm
Irm walking the tide line
Paul, Don and Bill
Helen and Irm on the beach
Helen and Bill
Paul and Don
Irm, Don, Helen and Bill on Youghall Beach.
Their last beach to explore in Northern New Brunswick.

It was a great three days of sharing our area with our friends from South Carolina and Kansas.  We hope they enjoyed their time with us and took away nice memories.

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  1. Hi Marilyn,
    Soon we will be heading your way to do a little beachcombing and exploring of our own. It has been so hot here on the Island for about 2 months. It is just fun to have family and friends for a visit. I had my cousin from Ottawa come visit us in PEI and we did some of the same things, eat and beachcoming. Enjoy!