Sunday, August 5, 2012

A Day with our Friends...

Yesterday was the first day of our adventures with our visiting friends.  We agreed to meet them at their motel at 7:30 a.m., yes that is early, and take them to our favourite restaurant, The Atlantic Host, for breakfast. Then from there start our day of exploring.
This is what 7:30 a.m. looked like in our back yard.
Thought I would capture it with a photo as I am not
often up this early - but it was worth it to spend time with special friends.

After enjoying a great breakfast, we all headed downshore to do some seaglass hunting.  After meeting with our local "Seaglass Queen" the evening before, everyone was excited to hit the beach...
LtoR: Don, Paul and Helen on the beach

Here are serious treasure hunters, Irm and Bill.
Helen and I are busy looking for a great find.
Irm checking out the driftwood on the beach
More looking...
Still more looking...
I found a rusty horseshoe on the beach that I was hoping would
bring me good luck to find a special treasure.  I had nice finds but
no rare ones.  Maybe another day.
It looks as if Don may have found something interesting
Irm's smiling face must mean that she has lots of nice
treasures in her tote bag. 
I was happy to gift Irm with my seaglass finds.
They may become part of one of her wonderful crafts some day.
Now doesn't this look like a group of happy people holding
their treasures from beachcombing.  Bill found a prize RED one.
(LtoR: Helen, Irm, Me, Don, Bill)
Time to head home from the beach
Helen and Bill don't seem to want to leave the beach.
One last treasure....I understand!
It was a special time at the beach with our friends. 
Paul and I were so happy that everyone enjoyed the adventure 
and found something "special" to take home.
So what does one do after a couple of hours of beachcoming?
Eat ice cream for lunch... 

Thank you Don for the treat.

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