Thursday, August 23, 2012

Annapolis Valley Exhibition 2012

During our travels to Nova Scotia last week, we attended the 86th Annapolis Valley Exhibition (13 to 18 August) in Lawrencetown.  It was our first time experiencing a "truly" local country fair and it was interesting.  It sure was a different kind of life style than we are use to - horses, cows, ox pull, tractors, veggies, crafts, etc. and of course, music.
Bridgetown Fiddler
A group of 20 musicians who have been entertaining audiences for over 25 years.  They perform at churches, community halls and fundraisers throughout the Valley.

Nothing like enjoying homemade french fries outside the cow barn!
(LtoR:) Bren, Gerry and Paul
A view of the Exhibition grounds
The tractor area
Lots of horses, stables, etc
Some of the prize winning quilts
Amazing work
Local crafters working on a quilt
My favourite was this lighthouse quilt
Each individual square was a hand-painted picture by different artists.

Miniature Equine Obstacle Driving

We attended concerts on Thursday and Friday evenings at the John Langley Memorial Riverside Concert Stage.  Charlie A'Court gave another outstanding performance on Thursday evening but unfortunately it poured rain so the attendance was very poor - nonetheless an encore was demanded by his fans.

Friday evening was a better evening weather wise for a concert
(LtoR:  Paul, Gerry, Bren)

Friday evening we were treated to a great concert by Honeymoon Suite, a 1980's rock band hailing from Niagara Falls, Ontario, currently touring Canada.  A great performance.
Honeymoon Suite
Paul and I enjoyed having the opportunity of experiencing a local country exhibition and plan to attend again in the future.


  1. Great Pics !

    We never tire of the "country feel" of the Annapolis Valley & the Exhibition each year.
    Have been enjoying it for 5 yrs now and each year there is awesome entertainment, weather and the BEST homemade fries & Fish in NS(especially when eaten nest to the "cow barn" ! LOL If one's nose is not seasoned to the different farm (Manure) smells, then it is not the place for you.We never tire of the awesome scenery the Annapolis Valley has to offer and we especially enjoy the seascapes on the French Shore (reminds us of our native Newfoundland) it still holds us even after 20+ yrs of exploring.

    Happy that you enjoyed your stay with us...hope to see you again in the near future.

    Cousin Brenda & Gerry

  2. Hi there, as manager of the Annapolis Valley Ex, it was wonderful to see your thoughts and comments on our Ex! Thanks so much for posting, and we hope to see you again at the next one :)