Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Snippets of Our Day

We started our day with a hot breakfast on our deck enjoying the warmth of the sun, being sheltered from the wind, and watching for dolphins. We were fortunate to see a few swim by.

Paul enjoys watching the pelicans fly over.

A pathway through the dunes to the beach.

Enjoying a few moments on the deck to work on my craft. I am making a baby afghan to donate to our Hospital Gift Shop.

On our walk we found another area to watch Northern Cardinals. This is such a pleasure for us as we do not see them at home.

Views of the waterway along our walk, which is a great bird watching area.

We were very fortunate to discover this owl in one of the trees.

We decided to finish our walk on the beach. There were lots of shore birds to watch, along with an interesting brown bird.

Watching the waves near the pier is always fun.


  1. Love the photo of the dolphins and the shorebirds. I could watch both for hours.

    The balcony at your new digs looks nice and cozy. Must be nice to enjoy your morning coffee out there.

    Were you able to find any new crafting supply stores this visit?