Saturday, January 8, 2011

Points of Interest

On our off-the-beach walk yesterday, we found several points of interest - well, interesting to us at least.

Just across the street from our condo, we discovered a wooded area that seems to have Northern Cardinals nesting there. We don't get Northern Cardinals in the area where we live, so this is a great find for us. I took a photo of these female Northern Cardinals and when I downloaded it, discovered there were three of them - I didn't notice the one in the background at the time.

Also when taking this female Northern Cardinal in the hedge, I didn't notice the male Cardinal (to the right) until I downloaded this photo - bonus! I think I need to be more observant.

This is one of my favourite houses on the beach. I just love the style and colour.

These feathery grasses are very common here in this area of South Carolina. I just love to watch them blow in the wind.

Most of the beach houses here have a name plate. I thought Recovery Zone was quite fitting. You can surely recover from most things here at the beach, or at least relax and try. Another name plate that I saw, but didn't photo, was Vitamin Sea.

Another day in our simple life.


  1. Guess what! It's snow a full foot high and schools are closed. Even the highways are closed! With all the odd weather that is defined on the news, Paul and Marilyn, what's it like in your town down South?
    Caroline and Rene

  2. Of the bigger birds (not little 'uns like Chickadees and Juncos) Cardinals are my favorite. We had one on our front windowsill feeder Monday evening at dusk. I envy you the numbers you're seeing there.