Tuesday, January 25, 2011

An Afternoon at Georgetown, SC

Earlier this week we decided to take a drive to the Georgetown area which is about 20 miles from Surfside Beach. It was a sunny day with little wind so it was a nice afternoon for a walk along the marina.

My sister and brother-in-law are visiting, and being sailors, they were interested in looking at the sail boats in the marina and having a chat with a local sailor.

This was one of the larger boats at the marina. It was very impressive.

A photo with my sister.

We stopped into the River Room Restaurant to see their menu for another time, and took a few minutes to enjoy their aquarium. The fish were quite colourful and the coral very unique. Since red is my favourite colour, the little red fish was most interesting to me.

There is a very nice fish market in Georgetown so we stopped there to buy a couple of pounds of fresh shrimp. When we got home, our brother-in-law made this awesome pasta for our dinner.

Yes, it was as delicious as it looks!

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  1. Nice picture of you and your sis. Looks like a nice seafood dish also. It is nice to have somebody cook for you.