Thursday, January 20, 2011

Morris Island Shelling Trip

This week Paul and I took a shelling day trip with the local shelling club, of which we are members during our time in Surfside Beach.

We took our boat from Shems Creek to Morris island, near Charleston Harbour. As we left Shems Creek we could see all the shrimp fishing boats.

We travelled again this year with Captain Chris. It was a rather small open boat with 12 anxious shellers aboard.

It was an uneventful ride of about 20 minutes to Morris island. The morning was a little overcast but turned into a beautiful sunny day.

Irm and I strolled along the beach looking for treasures. Large trees, at some time, had washed up on the beach. They were like amazing pieces of artwork.

It was a beautiful day to stroll all this beach.

Here we are, Irm and I, two happy shellers with all our treasures. I found several Tun Shells which were considered a good find by the experienced shellers. I will post a photo in a later blog.

Well, Paul was the envy of the shelling trip after finding this extremely large shark tooth. He has just started to collect sharks teeth and to find this one certainly made his day worthwhile. He found several others but this one was worthy of a photo!

There were lots of starfish on the beach as well as other shells.

After a good day of shelling, it is always nice to take a rest near the dunes and enjoy a picnic lunch. Irm shared her delicious cookies with me.

From Morris Island we were able to enjoy several nice views:

- Fort Sumter, Charleston (landmark of the start of the American Civil War)

Charleston Bridge, SC

All the shellers waiting for Captain Chris and his boat to return to Morris Island to pick us up. Karen, the organiser of our trips, had quite a successful day by the look of her wagon.

I must admit that I am not the bravest when it comes to travel on the water. So after being on loppy water in the small boat with 12 other people for 30 minutes, I was happy to get my feet on land again.

It was a great day with nice people and we are planning our next trip soon.


  1. wow... you guys have had great finds...and adventures....enjoy...thanks for sharing!
    Carmella :-)

  2. A lot of beautiful shells. Must be awesome to find - especially the shark tooth that Paul found.
    Looks like a beautiful bridge also.