Sunday, February 7, 2010

Exploring Garden City Beach

Last week Paul and I decided to explore Garden City Beach. We drove south to the far end of Waccamaw Drive, which is considered Murrell's Inlet, parked near the Gulf Stream Restaurant and found a beach access onto Garden City Beach. It was mid tide so we still had lots of beach on which to walk. There were many beach houses along the dunes with large beach stairs.

Other than two men taking a walk, we had the beach to ourselves. We walked around a couple of break walls and headed south down the beach. It was sunny and a great afternoon for exploring the beach.

I did a little shelling along my walk, but without much luck, and stopped to enjoy watching the sandpipers and the other beach birds scurry along the shoreline.

Paul continued on with his walk along the dunes as he was curious to see what was around the point. He found lots more sand and water along with a marina housing large boats.

Here was our view looking north on Garden City Beach showing the beach houses along the dunes and the high rises of Myrtle Beach in the background.

It was such a peaceful afternoon and a great place to enjoy the ocean that we almost stayed too long there.

It was nearing high tide so we had to hurry back the beach before the tide came in too near the break walls as we would not have been able to get around them. There was only one place that we had to wait for the surf to roll out before we could pass around the wall.

Paul and I thought it was an afternoon well spent. We hope to go back another day.


  1. Gorgeous - I can hear the surf....

  2. Those are really large beach stairs. Glad to see you didn't get any of that snowstorm in Washington, etc.
    Keep enjoying yourselves.