Saturday, January 23, 2010

What We've Been Doing

On sunny days we enjoy our coffee on the balcony while watching the ocean. And some days we also enjoy our lunch out there. We never get tired of the view and the sound of the ocean.

A couple of days ago we took a drive to Murrell's Inlet, which is about 15 minutes away, and enjoyed a walk on the boardwalk. It was nice to see this heron sitting on the pier.

I spent a few minutes browsing in this shop, The Lazy Gator. I was hoping to purchase a wooden shore bird to add to my collection but no luck that day. I am sure we will be back there.


  1. Oh, I think I'd like to browse in that shop. Looks like a lovely location as well.

  2. I love to listen to the sound of the surf. Since I can't get the real thing like guys have been enjoying I've had to resort to buying a cd ... but it's 70 minutes of pure bliss.