Saturday, February 13, 2010

February Fury...

The US is calling it the February Fury. As of last night all but one state, that being Hawaii, has had accumulation of snow this winter.

Last night our area received it's first accumulation in 10 years. The Surfside Beach and Grand Strand areas received 3 inches of snow.

This was the scene from our bedroom window this morning.

And this was the scene from our front door.

But the snow did not stop people from enjoying the beach. We saw more people on the beach this morning than of all the time we have been here. Most were seen to be taking pictures of the snow.

This family was making a snowman in front of our balcony.

Many people in the area were enjoying our snowfall, but there were a lot of disappointed people here, as well. This was the weekend of the Annual Marathon in Myrtle Beach and at about 10 p.m. last night the Organising Committee made the decision to cancel the Marathon for safety reasons, as the roads were expected to be slippery in the early morning.

The sun is now shining and the snow is quickly melting but the Weather Channel is saying there is a chance of more snow for Monday.

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  1. Gee you're getting a bit of home sent your way. We got our first blast of snow that we've had in a long while this morning. I could do without it. I assume all your snow has since disappear and that you're having breakfast on the balcony once again.