Thursday, October 8, 2009

Time with Family

My sister & brother-in-law, Roseanne and Neil, came for a visit in September.

On our first evening we enjoyed a traditional Newfoundland scoff, a meal of cod cheek and cod tongues, fried in fat back. What a great meal....

It didn't take us long to go beachcombing. Although it was a windy day, we took a walk on Beresford Beach to enjoy a beautiful day.

My sister was very happy with the treasures she found on our beach.

We also did a little exploring at Petit Rocher. I saw this heron near the wharf area.

We did a little more beach walking looking for seaglass. Paul and my sister were very fortunate to both find pieces of blue seaglass which is rare - one in 500 so the experts say.

Another of our afternoons was spend enjoying this lovely area of the Nepisiguit River which is a great salmon fishing area in Northern New Brunswick. As children my sister and I spent many summer vacations camping with our parents on the salmon rivers in Newfoundland as our Dad was a sport fisherman. This area brought back a lot of happy memories for us of our childhood and of our Dad.

We decided to take a picnic with us that day so we got to enjoy Paul's awesome egg sandwiches which he so kindly made for us. Neil spent most of his afternoon sitting on a large rock overlooking a salmon pool. He said he could see salmon but I never did see one.

We also enjoyed a nice afternoon walk at Atlas Park in Pointe-Verte. The fall colours and the smell of the trees were wonderful. We climbed the tower to see the view out over the Bay of Chaleur towards the Gaspe Peninsula.

The white birch trees on the trail were a reminder of growing up in Grand Falls, Newfoundland. Our hometown has many white birches.

Ever wonder what retirement might be like? It's like a second childhood - AWESOME!

Paul and I have been to the Grande-Anse area about eight times this summer and on our last trip we discovered this wonderful beach canteen area there near the wharf. It was the neatest place with wood sculptures of an octopus, whale, etc. Of course being beach lovers, we enjoyed a short walk. We will definitely go back there.

We also enjoyed a couple of trips to the Stonehaven area and what a interesting beach, you can walk forever. On our first trip Neil wanted to visit the wharf so we spent some time walking the beach looking for mermaid tears (seaglass) and found quite a few, along with a piece of brass. That was Neil's treasure.

Our second trip to the Stonehaven area was a much longer day. We took another picnic lunch of Paul's great egg sandwiches which we enjoyed after a long day of beachcombing. We then treated ourselves to a campfire after borrowing matches from a local area resident walking the beach.

Here is another example of a busy day of retirement. It can't get much better than this.....

Our great day at Stonehaven of beachcombing, picnicking and a campfire was topped off with this wonderful sunset.

The last day of my sister's visit we made a trip to the Farmer's Market to get pumpkins to decorate our house. I love the fall with all its great colour.


  1. Looks like you guys had a great time. You seemed to have found a bounty of sea treasures. Aren't the wood sculptures on the beach near Grand-Anse interesting? Sue and I discovered that beach quite by accident. The joy of retirement ... having the time to explore and make new discoveries each day. By the way .... where is Stonehaven beach?

  2. I enjoyed these pictures and reading about your adventures. Retirement is awesome!

  3. I relaxed just looking at your photos. Looks like you had a good time together.