Sunday, October 25, 2009

Stonehaven Beach

When we woke this morning, we had plans to have a nice home cooked breakfast and a quiet day about the house. I would hopefully do my knitting and watch a movie, while Paul followed Mike Weir on TV in a golf tournament. But as we know, things do not always turn out as we plan.

By the time we were up and dressed, the phone was ringing. It was Paul's sister asking us to join them at a restaurant just up the street for breakfast, so we did.

After a leisurely breakfast and lots of chatting, Paul and I decided to enjoy the nice sunny day and take a walk on a beach. We decided to go back to Stonehaven Beach. It was windy so the surf was great.

We had to share the beach with a couple of other beachcombers but we still found a few treasures. I was very envious of Paul's 8 pieces of blue he found, but I did find 1 blue, but not that big one. Paul was trying to "make my day" so, after finding the large piece he tried to place it back on the beach so I would walk by and find it, but I walked along the higher part of the beach and missed it so his little plan didn't work. I thought it was a nice thing for him to do. He's such a sweetie.

This is the part of Stonehaven Beach that we haven't been able to find a path to - yet. The cliffs are very steep. I suggested using a boat, but Paul thought that was a little extravagant. We can only imagine what treasures might be there.

It was such a beautiful, fall day with cloudy skies, that it made for a few nice pictures. The waves were rolling in on the beach rocks which is a sound I could listen to forever.

Whenever I stroll mindlessly near the ocean, I feel that my soul has been refreshed.

We are very thankful every day for what we have and never take it for granted.


  1. Those pictures of the sea and sky are gorgeous. Nice seaglass!

  2. I swear I can feel the wind and hear the surf. Thanks for the visit.