Saturday, October 3, 2009

Colours of the Canadian Maple Leaf

Paul and I have been enjoying the fall colours over the past two days. Yesterday, and again today, we went to Pabineau Falls, a 20-minute drive from our house.

Even though the leaves were very dry, due to the lack of rain over the past couple of months, the maple trees were in full colour. My favourite are the bright red ones.

We were treated to a little wild life while at the Falls. There was a young beaver in a hole in the rocks near the falls. Someone had put a few branches in the hole to help the little critter escape.....

...which he did, as he swam by us while we were sitting on the rocks enjoying the sound of the running water. It was amazing to see a beaver so close.

Paul and I spent quite some time also watching the Atlantic salmon jumping the Falls. After one or more years at sea, the Atlantic Salmon travel in an extraordinary journey that may span more than 4,000 km of open ocean, to return to the rivers, and the location where they were born. In Canada, Atlantic Salmon spawn in October and November. The ability of salmon to jump falls and other obstacles in the river to reach spawning grounds has been a wonder for centuries. Paul was able to get a photo of one attempting a jump. See the bottom right of this photo near the waterfalls.

Unfortunately this sport fisherman was not permitted to fish near the falls where the salmon were jumping. He is only permitted to fish down stream.

Paul and I took a walk on the trails along the river.
Here are some of the colours that we enjoyed.


  1. Fabulous! Reminds me a bit of when we used to go up to Aspen Brook in the fall - only prettier. How nice to have such a lovely place close by.

  2. Gorgeous pictures. It reminds me of the Humber Valley. Nice shots of the beaver. I have a friend who had a Golden retriever that got bitten by a you don't want to get too close!

  3. Wow the colours are gorgeous. It must have been fantastic watching the salmon.... so many miles and obstacles to cross just so they can return to their birthplace. Thanks for sharing.