Monday, August 31, 2009

Third Day of Exploring with Bunty

Although rain was forecast, we decided to set out for another day of exploring and we stopped at Pokeshaw. As you can see, we did get showers as I am beachcombing under my umbrella.

As did our friend Caroline, Bunty make the walk across the brook out to the rocks. There is a large population of Cormorant birds living on the top of the rocks. I recently heard the reason for all the dead trees there was because of a lightening strike.

We made our next stop at Grande-Anse where we saw this great beach.

After our visit to the local cheese shop for a supply of fresh cheese curds, we enjoyed an afternoon tea and dessert at the Tea Room in Caraquet. The desserts and fresh baked breads here are definitely worth a trip.

We enjoyed an afternoon walk on the boardwalk on the ocean and found an interesting lighthouse at the other end of the trail. Although we were dressed for the possibility of wet weather, the rain stayed away for the afternoon.
Bunty and I enjoyed a little rest at a picnic site and watched the ocean.

On our drive back along the coastal route we stopped for a few minutes that this interesting souvenir shop. As you can see, the Acadian colors (red, white, blue and yellow) are proudly displayed.

Another interesting display of the Acadian colours was found along our route on this house.

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