Friday, August 7, 2009

Girl Time

Over the past couple of weeks Jeannine, my sister-in-law, and I have treated ourselves to some girl time.

On 28 July we decided to make a day trip to Caraquet. We set out after lunch and our first stop was at Carey's Beach Chalets in Janeville. I had been there in May and had admired Tomi Carey's spring flower gardens so much that I was anxious to return and see her summer garden. I wanted to share it with Jeannine, and it was well worth the visit. There were flowers everywhere and so much color. Tomi also gave us a tour of her art gallery as she is also an artist. What an interesting place to explore.

I hope I won't bore you but here are some of my pictures of the flower gardens near the chalets.

Jeannine standing near the poppy garden.

This is the view of the ocean and beach from her garden and chalets.

I just loved her poppies and black-eyed susans. What a great place to vacation - a chalet near the ocean surrounded by flowers.

Jeannine and I then continued our drive along the coastline road heading for the town of Caraquet. Our first stop was at the local Cheese Shop. They make the best cheese curds and it is a treat to purchase some when in the area. I highly recommend this little shop.

We next visited the Tea Room and Bakery, also found on the main street, which was very busy that day. We were happy to find an outside table as it was much too nice a day to be inside. We treated ourselves to blueberry flan and chocolate mousse desserts. It was so nice to sit outside sipping tea, eating yummy desserts and having girl chat.

We justified our pastry treats by taking a nice walk on the trails near the ocean. We found a nice picnic spot for our next visit to the area.

Our last stop in Caraquet was for dinner. At Restaurant Le Caraquette, Jeannine and I treated ourselves to a nice meal of lobster rolls and sandwiches. I would recommend this restaurant with its good food and great view of the ocean. We had such a nice day that we didn't want it to end.

On the way home we stopped again at Carey's Beach Cottages and drove down onto the beach and took a walk. It was the most perfect evening. There were lots of people on the beach with music, a campfire and enjoying a swim. Jeannine and I sat on a log on the beach for the longest time just enjoying the peacefulness of the evening and the sound of the waves. We didn't want to leave......

Today Jeannine and I decided to spend our afternoon picking blueberries (my most favourite berry) on land owned by our friends, Genie and John. After checking out a couple of wrong roads, we found the berry patch. John came by shortly after we arrived to make sure that bears hadn't eat us - just kidding - Jeannine had already scared off any creatures in the woods with her car alarm! It was a hot day and the blueberries were small but we managed to pick a few cups.

Afterwards we visited with Genie and John at their home.

Here is the proof that we did get blueberries. Yum..........


  1. Wow, you're right - the cottage gardens are stunning! Mmmmm, can I have some blueberries?

  2. It is so nice to be retired and to be able to spend these wonderful days with a wonderful girl. Nice write-up and nice pictures. I certainly enjoyed these days.

  3. Nothing like a road trip! those blueberries look delicious, much better than the store bought ones I have! I love the cottage and the flowers too.