Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Blues in Carleton, Gaspe Peninsula, Quebec

Set between sea and mountains, the Carleton Municipal beach played host to the Maximum Blues Festival. Hard to believe that this was the setting for a music festival, but it was.

Paul and I made a day trip last Saturday to Carleton on the Gaspe Peninsula in Quebec. We wanted to check out their annual Blues Festival. Other than it being a windy day, we had a good time. Here is Paul doing two of his favourite things - listening to blues music and being by the ocean, with New Brunswick in the background.

This is the municipal beach in Carleton next to the concert grounds. Lots of people were enjoying the beach and ocean, while listening to the music.

The first performer was Jay Sewall. He was quite entertaining.

Here is Dan Livingston and his Jug Band. It was a type of blues grass music. Dan had a great voice.

The last performer we stayed to hear was J P Leblanc from Bathurst, New Brunswick. This is the third time we have seen him perform and we like him more each time. A great voice and even greater guitar player. He was such a great crowd pleaser - he had three encores.

Here is my guy, among the crowd, showing his appreciation for the great music of the day. It was such a relaxing afternoon of music, other than trying to shelter ourselves from the fresh ocean wind.

As much as I was enjoying the music, I just had to get near the ocean and of course doing a little treasure hunting. When Paul and I looked at this photo, we commented on all the colors of blue, which was kind of appropriate since it was a blues festival.

Carleton is one of our favourite places to visit and we have marked our calendar for next year....

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