Thursday, September 3, 2009

Pabineau Falls, New Brunswick

Although we have lived in Beresford for more than a year now, we had not visited Pabineau Falls. We thought it would be nice to share it with Bunty during her visit. We were all very impressed with what we saw. It reminded me very much of Leech Brook (now named Thunder Brook), a place that I use to visit growing up in Central Newfoundland. Bunty and I enjoyed sitting on the large rocks watching the falls.

And so did Paul.

The sound of rushing water........

This area would make for a great swimming place.

What a great place to enjoy a picnic, which we plan to do soon. We will surely come back again in late September to see the fall colors.

After leaving Pabineau Falls, we drove downtown to the Bathust Farmer's Market, where we met up with Sonia Turner, our local "Seaglass Queen". Sonia was wearing one of her creations, her the seaglass crown. We also saw her display of jewellery and other items that she has for sale at the Saturday market.

Well, this was Bunty's last day of visiting with us as she was returning to St. Albert the next day. Being an ocean lover and beach walker, we know that Bunty will be back to visit us again.

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  1. I sure will be back to visit. Thanks for having me. It was a lot of fun.

    I'm looking forward to seeing what you have been getting up to with Giselle.