Monday, December 2, 2013

Our American Thanksgiving

Paul and I celebrated our Canadian Thanksgiving in October with our family, enjoying the traditional turkey dinner. prepared by my sister-in-law.  As we are in South Carolina by mid November, we get to celebrate the American Thanksgiving (28 November) as well, with a couple of modifications to our dinner.
Paul carving our "COSTCO" pre-cooked chicken
LtoR: Traditional USA green bean casserole 
and traditional Newfoundland stuffing.
(My first time making the green bean casserole and
it will be added to my recipe book.)
The finished product, served with an ice tea - yummy.

Paul and I are hoping for many more Thanksgiving celebrations at the beach.


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  1. You are making me hungry... Our Canadian Thanksgiving was as you say a while ago. I was in North Carolina with my daughter last American Thanksgiving and this year she had a lovely dinner without us. Maybe when we return next month we can do a turkey and fixens.