Thursday, December 12, 2013

Grand Strand Shell Club

Since Paul and I have been spending our winters in South Carolina, we joined the Grand Strand Shell Club here in Myrtle Beach.  Last weekend Paul and I went to the Springmaid Beach Christmas Craft Fair and stopped at the display set up by our Shell Club.  It was nice to see the members again and we look forward to the Christmas Party and monthly meetings coming up.

Shell Club member, Pete Brimlow, designed and hand-crafted a jean jacket to donate to our Club as a fundraiser. 
The lucky winner will be named tonight at our Christmas Party.
Wonder if Paul or I will have our ticket drawn?  Hoping so...
A sample of some of the crafts made by the Shell Club for sale at the Craft Fair.
This shell-covered box was on display only and made by our President Laura.
(Laura said she uses it at home to hide her supply of chocolate as no-one else is to lift the cover for fear of breaking it. 



  1. Wow, some of these shell crafts are amazing, just something attractive about a pail with a shovel in it. We will be shoveling out tomorrow from under all this snow.

  2. Just a thought, I've been working on a seaglass blog and wonder if you would add it to your interesting blogs (list)
    Thanks a bunch