Saturday, February 9, 2013

A Special Evening

On 7 February 2003, Paul and I met for the first time.  That was 10 years ago this week.

On 7 February 2013, our friends John and Jackie treated us to a lovely evening at Lil Tokyo Steakhouse & Sushi Bar Hibachi Restaurant here in Myrtle Beach. 

It was very nice to share this evening with friends, over a good meal and drinks.

Paul & I enjoying a little Sake.
(Thanks for sharing Jackie.)
John, Jackie, Me and Paul sitting around the Hibachi Table after our meal
This was the first time that Paul and I visited this restaurant and we would be happy to return.  Thanks again to John and Jackie for their kind invitation.

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  1. How are you? We have missed reading your inserts. We hope that you, Paul, and the children are all well, Marilyn. Please let us know.
    Caroline and Rene
    Samson, too