Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Saga of Paul's Walking Stick

As our family and friends know, Paul loves to have his "favourite" walking stick when taking a stroll on the beach or along a wooded trail. This favourite walking stick was a $5 purchase while we were on vacation in the Dominion Republic a few years ago so its value is not monetary but sentiment.

Well this week the favourite walking stick has had a little adventure, and so have we. On Friday afternoon Paul and I decided to take a drive along the Resources Road (known to local people of the area) and look for some wildflowers to plant in our yard. We had some luck and found several nice plants which we brought home and planted in the back corner of our garden, hoping that they will root. It is a little difficult to see them in this photo, but they are there.

Well if you read my post from yesterday you will know that we took a stroll on the beach but Paul discovered when he went to the back of the car to get his walking stick, it wasn't there. We knew we had it when we were in the woods and that I was probably the last one to hold it. I asked Paul to give it to me to protect me from "the bears" while he went back to the car. (We had seen moose tracks on a previous trail.) I guess with all the labour of digging up the plants we thought I must have put the stick down on the ground. I was hoping we would find it in the garden shed when we got home from the beach, but no such luck.

So after breakfast this morning we decided to take a drive back to the wooded area where we hoped to find Paul's walking stick. This wooded area had been used for campfires so we were anxious to get back there quickly before someone found the stick, or even worse, used it for firewood! Rain was forecast for today so after checking the radar and weather channel we headed out hoping to out smart the rain. The first part of the drive was fine with just cloudy skies, and a black bear crossing the road! See I was right about needing the stick to protect myself from being eaten by a bear. As we drove closer to the possible location of the stick, the rain started and it poured but that was okay as I went prepared with my "short long rubbers" and my umbrella. Today was the first time I got to wear my new boots that I purchased in Newfoundland on our trip last fall.

I am happy to report that I found the stick. It was no worse for its night in the woods, only a little wet. Although we were both more than a little wet, we jumped back into our vehicle and headed home. Well the rain got heavier and heavier and then there was a flash of lightening and rumble of thunder and to top it off, a moose decided to cross the road.What a day! We arrived home safely, with the stick, and this was the view from our back door.

Only a day fit for the birds, and here they are - at our feeders.

And here is the proud and happy owner of the darn stick.

I am happy that the adventure had a happy ending but this is the third time this darn stick has tried to leave home; once in Mexico and another time in a restaurant. I think we need a string tied to it or some kind of an alarm.


  1. Interesting story. So glad that Paul has his walking stick back.

  2. Attach a GPS to it and, failing that, staple it to his chest! Glad to hear you found it.

  3. What an happy he found his stick.Carmella