Saturday, August 6, 2011

An Evening Stroll

It was such a nice evening that Paul and I decided to spend a little time strolling Beresford Beach. Here we are, well at least our shadows.

Here's Paul enjoying the sound of the waves lapping the shoreline.

And what would a stroll on the beach be without a little beachcombing. Today we both found a piece of blue seaglass which is a rarity for this beach, along with several other nice pieces. We were also picking up these small yellow shells. We refer to them as Irm shells as we are collecting them to our Carolina friend, Irm, who owns a vast collection of shells, and these will be a nice addition.

The ducks were also enjoying the beach today. They were playing in the water and when Paul went to take their picture, they thought he had food for them so they all marched out of the water and started to follow us down the beach. They soon turned back when nothing was offered.

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