Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Great Day with Giselle

Our friend Giselle is visiting us for the week so we decided to take her on a beachcombing trip downshore to our favorite beach. What a great day for treasures. We found the most number of rare colours of all our beach trips ever!

The orange seaglass is a first find for me for this very rare colour. We also found grey, teal, citron and mauve, along with many small blue pieces.

I even found this interesting piece of white seaglass shaped like a boot.

This is Giselle's total collection for the afternoon, including a rock the shape of a boot.

This is Paul's neatly arranged collection for the day.

And here is my afternoon collection. What great fun.

A friend of ours asked if a bottle factory had exploded at the beach or if we had a glass sniffing dog with us! I think Elaine is due for a trip to our favourite place.

After a long, hot afternoon of strolling the beach, we were ready for a great barbecue meal, which was prepared by three cooks. Notice who is at the table with fork in hand first, all smiles!

After dinner we sat out on the deck being entertained by the Hummingbirds at our feeders.

A very enjoyable day for all.


  1. That gray piece is beautiful!!!! love it, great finds! :)

  2. With all those "boots", you must have gotten a kick out of your treasures! bwhahaha! I think they look like Santa boots.