Friday, August 13, 2010

Grande-Anse, New Brunswick

Last week we drove along the coastal road to Grande-Anse. It is one of our favourite drives as we love the ocean and the views are quite lovely.

This giant lobster pot is a picnic area located along the highway.

This colourful lighthouse, painted the Acadian colours, is actually an information centre and gift shop.

Some of the scenery along the drive. We often search the beach area for seaglass.

Northern New Brunswick has so much beautiful scenery.

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  1. Dear Marilyn and Paul,

    It is such a joy to peruse your site. As I look over this past weekend's, it brings back such warm memories. It was a year ago that we were so very much privileged to share meaningful time with you both. We loved the trip, the gorgeous drive, the lighthouse, the sand between our toes, the ocean water, the delicious meals and, most of all, such warm, friendly, and caring personalities amongst you both. We thank-you so greatly.

    Hoping that all of your families are well. We think of you often, Marilyn and Paul, and are grateful for so much.

    Caroline and Rene