Saturday, August 28, 2010


A day at the beach looking for treasures is a day well spent, to some of us.

Our first treasure seeker looks to be covering a very small territory, or is he resting? There is a lot of beach to cover...

Another seeker is a fast walker and way ahead of the group.

Now here are two serious beachcombers and it looks as though he has made a discovery. I wonder what color seaglass, maybe amber?

This seeker, which just happens to be me, is looking for red seaglass as I found one here in the spring. If there is one, surely there must be another.

Ah, here comes the cute guy with the chairs. It must be snack time. A picnic on the beach is always a good thing.

See all those smiles. That is what a day on the beach will do for you.

Beachcombing is a wonderfully mindless experience - total relaxation.

It's a simple life and it's our life.

1 comment:

  1. By the smiles on everyone's faces, it looks like everyone was enjoying themselves. A beautiful day, a great beach, a tasty lunch and best of all great company.