Monday, August 16, 2010

A Beach Day

We made another trip to the beach this week, looking for treasures and to have a picnic.

We located this Inukshuk made from rocks and what looks like a piece of a boat that washed up on the beach. An Inukshuk is said to mark a place of respect.

We searched the rocks along the beach and had a number of good finds.

Paul found this interesting piece of very rare red/orange shaded seaglass, as well as a number of blue pieces.

I also found a number of pieces of blue seaglass as well as a rare piece of black, which is a shade of olive when held up to the light.

Our friends often wonder what we do with all our finds. Well, we keep the rare and interesting pieces in a dory-shaped dish on our sofa table, and we have a set of glass table lamps in our living room. One displays sea shells and the other displays seaglass.

For us, it's not what we do with our seaglass, but the fun of spending the day together at the beach, looking for it.

It's our simple life.


  1. Post a photo of your lamps, I'd love to see them. The piece of re/orange is a beauty.

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