Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Our Journey Continues

After enjoying a very pleasant New Year's Eve dinner with my Mom at her Seniors Residence, The Wedgewood, in Brockville and later drinks with my sister and brother-in-law, Paul and I were busy packing our suitcase again. On 1 January 2010 we were on the road to continue our journey to South Carolina.

It was lightly snowing when we left Brockville in the morning and we also experienced a little lake effect snow near Syracuse, New York but overall the driving on our first day was good.

The skies were grey for most of the day but as we drove into Chambersburg, Pennsylvania the sun appeared through the clouds and we had a nice sunset. After six hours of driving, we were happy to check into a motel, enjoy a hot meal and a good sleep.

We were back on the road at 8 a.m. the next morning and it was grey, cold and windy, but no snow. Our drive through Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina and South Carolina was uneventful and we happily arrived in Surfside Beach about 6 p.m. After checking into our condo and unloading our car, we were happy to relax over a hot meal.

I always like to have a first impression photo and of course it was of the ocean. This is the view from our balcony the first morning in Surfside Beach.

Although the weather has been rather cool here in the United States, there is no snow and we awake with the sun shining on the ocean, so we are happy. We enjoyed having lunch on our balcony already.

The sunsets over the ocean have been wonderful.

We have taken a couple of walks on the beach and enjoyed looking for shells, but we haven't found any seaglass - yet.
Paul and I are looking forward to our time here....


  1. I love the photo of the pier and the sunset - beautiful. Glad to hear you had a good drive down to your winter home away from home.

    It must be nice being able to go for a walk on the beach, no winter boots, no winter coat, lunch on the balcony ... ah, what a life.

    Have fun.

  2. Just looked in on your blog, beautiful pictures, keep them coming! I so enjoy keeping an update of your adventures . Enjoy your 2nd home and we will see you both in April, we miss you both, take care.
    Carmella and Charlie says hi! ((( HUGS )))

  3. Hi Marilyn, enjoy your fab pics and reading about your journey. Don't you just marvel at the coast? I so love it too. Sorry you didn't find sea glass..perhaps the next time. I too collect sea glass and make wearable art with it. I think I'm gonna continue to follow your journey..check out my might enjoy it. I write about my jouneys and experiences also about looking for sea glass on the west coast. In any event happy journey, have a great day and keep an eye open for treasure. Fair Winds and Calm Seas..Deborah Leon

  4. Good, now I can picture where you are again. No winter boots, but I bet you're still wearing a pretty warm coat. Have fun!