Thursday, September 10, 2009


The City of Bathurst & the Government of New Brunswick have been offering a yoga programme for the well being of those 50 years and older. Paul and I have been taking the sessions for the past 5 weeks and today is the last session.

Here is our instructor Charlene Pearce leading the class. She is a very high-spirited person and a great teacher.

Here are Audrey and George whom we have come to know from the class. I can be seen to the left of the photo.

Since both Paul and I have enjoyed the class, we have decided to sign up for the fall classes which will be held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at the City Hall gym.

We hope our yoga and morning walks will keep us more flexible & healthy to live a long life together.


  1. Hmmm. I'd been thinking about doing a Yoga class. Now I am reinspired!

  2. You'll have to take your yoga mats down to SC with you. It would be nice to do your exercises and be able to look out over the ocean.

    Hmmm ... I think I might have to look into takinga class too.