Sunday, June 14, 2009

Week Gone By...

This past week was filled mostly with appointments (medical, dental, physio, etc), so by Saturday Paul and I thought we earned a leisurely walk on the beach which we find good for the soul - and everything else!

It was a warm day and very little wind so the ocean was rather calm. We strolled along and collected some treasures though they were rather small ones this time. Paul did find a blue mermaid tear.

Paul's nephew and family have been visiting from Ontario for the past two weeks and Saturday was their last day. They own a cottage on Beresford Beach so we stopped at the cottage on our walk to visit and say goodbye to them.

Paul's great nephew Jude, who just turned 2, was quite entertaining. He is such a little cutie. He was interested in playing with my walking stick which was a piece of drift wood that I picked up on the beach during my walk. Then he noticed that great uncle Paul had a much nicer walking stick, which he bought in the Dominion, so Jude decided to play with this stick instead. It was everything from a golf club to a wooden horse to him. Children have such great imaginations.

It was so nice to walk the beach again. I didn't realise how much I missed it. Low tide is 3:12 today so I will be back on the beach again then.......


  1. Thanks for mentioning the time of low tide, now I know when you'll be on the beach. You're right, Jude is a little cutie. FYI, finally had two finches on our "finch" feeder today. Will email you a photo.

  2. The water looks so calm and peaceful. Our beach was fairly rough over the weekend. I'll take it either way, as long as I can go for a long walk.

  3. I had a "maintenance" week too only it was house and garden, not medical. Jude is a cutie.