Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Beresford Beach on a Windy Day

This past Sunday we had a couple of hours of very high winds and we could see the whitecaps out on the ocean from our kitchen. It always amazes me how quickly the ocean can change and how each day it can be so different.

I made a quick trip to the corner store for an item and on the way home I just had to make a detour to the beach. It was actually too windy to get out of the car so I sat there enjoying the view. I could feel my car rocking with the wind.

It was awesome...

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  1. I was looking for pictures of Beresford on the internet and here they are, such a beautiful beach! I was there just last September, how time flies.

    Made two trips over to the beach just to pick out interesting rocks, and shells. Didn't see any glass!

    My father lives in Bathurst, I'm in Vancouver. At the Bathurst airport, as they scanned my luggage, they chuckled about my rock & shell collection. The rocks I added to my sempervivum collection on my balcony.

    It's such a beautiful area, I hope to get back soon!

    Nice blog!